We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to all victims of the March 11th, 2011, Tohoku earthquake.

In order to provide aid to the rescue and reconstruction efforts in the areas affected by the Tohoku earthquake, Square Enix will be accepting donations of Square Enix Crysta from all Square Enix account holders. Donations of Square Enix Crysta will be converted into an equivalent cash amount and given to the Japanese Red Cross Society's Tohoku earthquake relief fund.

We would like to ask all Square Enix account holders to consider donating whatever amount they feel comfortable with.

Overview of the Square Enix Crysta Relief Fund

- In order to make a donation, a Square Enix account with a balance of Crysta is required. More information on how to create a Square Enix account is available here.
- Donations will be accepted by means of Square Enix Crysta.  
* For each Crysta donated, Square Enix will donate $0.01 to the Japanese Red Cross Society.
- Donations can be anywhere from a minimum of 1 Crysta to a maximum of 10,000 Crysta.
- We will be unable to provide refunds or exchanges for any donations of Square Enix Crysta.
- We may temporarily suspend donations due to maintenance on the Square Enix Account System or other circumstances when Square Enix deems it necessary to do so.
- Donations will be accepted up until the end of August 2011.
- Although a donation confirmation e-mail will be sent to each donor, we will be unable to provide official receipts. Furthermore, please note that all contributions will be treated as anonymous donations, and will therefore not be applicable towards tax deductions. More information regarding the Square Enix Group Tohoku earthquake relief efforts is available here.

Donate Square Enix Crysta
* You will need to add Square Enix Crysta to our account if you do not currently have a balance.
Please log in to the Square Enix Account Management System in order to add Crysta to your account.